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Acetyl L- Carnitin


120 capsules х 333 mg

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Acetyl-carnitine is a substance natural to the body. It is readily formed in cells by attaching an acetyl group to carnitine, which is also natural to the body.
The difference between acetyl-carnitine and carnitine is that acetyl-carnitine is more easily absorbed from the stomach, and more rapidly crosses the blood-brain barrier. As a supplement, acetyl-carnitine has all advantages of L-carnitin plus others.

Acetyl. L-carnitine has a vital role in the production of energy from long-chain fatty acids. In addition, it increases the activity of certain nerve cells in the central nervous system.

Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR) supplies the nerves with energy and enables the production of neurotransmitters crucial for mental health; these include acetylcholine, GABA, and glutamate.

It strengthens the myelin around the brain cells and stimulates their growth, helping to “regrow” your brain.

Acetyl L Benefits

  • Mental endurance and higher energy levels
  • Enhances fat metabolism
  • Reducing inner cell oxidative stress
  • Improves focus and memory
  • Has an age-related neuroprotecting properties
  • Better sleep quality
  • May reduce alcohol cravings
  • May improve men fertility


  • The effective dosage of acetyl-L-carnitine for most conditions ranges from 1000 to 3000 mg, divided into two or three daily doses. Standard treatment duration is 2-3 months, though cognitive impairment and nerve damage may require 6-12 months

What to know

  • The above doses may not apply to you personally. If your doctor suggests using ALCAR, work with them to find the optimal dosage according to your health condition and other factors.